Oulipost #4: Fibonacci Sequence


low com
in tough
worship the services
science don’t



America’ ★★★½
guy, MOVIE
TIMES mudslide
In a out
out. Nathan
A at a



the Sunday pre-
printed section gave
C film of
of the have head



Sunday preprinted
arts prince           N*W
U committed
of smeared run
million in (no



tools to
for used move-
ment i-
dentify weeks Fork
lives though
theres runoff,



Coffee Coffee
cherries provide



Transit cuts
could u
w the worry
special commutes
left of home
election there’s:


Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 04 April 2014 Print Replica.

Note on composition and process:

These poems are experiments with Fibonacci sequencing
(see the Found Poetry Review prompt I was working from here). Basically, the idea was to create a poem by selecting words from the paper using a Fibonacci sequence (each new number in a set is derived from adding the previous two numbers) for selection, in which I would start with the first word and follow the pattern 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,8 ,etc. Thankfully, Doug Luman provided a handy tool once again. Though, today, I realized that I could access a text-searchable Pdf (Print Replica) of my paper with a digital subscription, so I forked over the .50 for the first month. Since I was working with a nonhuman counter (i.e. Javascript), I ran into some snags in text formatting, which slowed down what would have been a super productive day. Now that those roadblocks are on my radar, though, I can problem-solve ahead of time.

For the composition of these, I tried a few different options. The first 2 poems are attempts at composing poems from the entire front page, the third and forth are from all of page A-2 (the fourth formatted without articles), and the last three were attempts at trying individual articles instead of the entire page. I think when I pick this particular form back up again, I will focus on the individual articles, in part because I can avoid silly inter-medial format translation headaches.


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