Oulipost #6: Blank Verse Amidst the Prose

Times Malaysian air

authorities the signal had aboard
in recent years a testament of wine
produced his company’s a high
school math of modest means across
the street be forced  to move
reported by the crew a Chinese ship


 The Hall

The heat to play and celebrate the Spring
for spice a poster art I work the miss
look Malaysia Airlines plane the search
flotilla that the signals had and voice
recorders (two) the second Saturday
The Chinese signals were reported by
Xinhua a photo series from the sun-
ny regions east when people said they were
underwater have to find new homes


The talent and tenacity of wine

Investigating three reports by ships
Underwater sensors had to play
the signals had a photo series from
the hall attached to aircraft data and
to nearly every region of the search
flotilla that authorities of wine
produced to raize the building and construction
when people said they were of modest means
and now he leads an industry that is
the crew aboard the Chinese signals were
a testament a poster artist look
we’re much more on the world stage than we
than twice what many residents I work
a high school math the signals had the miss.


Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 06 April 2014 Print.

Note on composition and process:

These poems were composed by looking for unintentional instances of blank verse (unrhyming iambic pentameter) occuring in the prose of today’s Seattle Times. It was a real slog of pattern recognition. These are a few stabs at poems that I’ll have to come back to in my free time next month, since I have tons of unused lines in my notebook. I’ll be editing these notes a bit tomorrow to add more clarification, but I wanted to share the results before day’s end.



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