Oulipost #18: Homoconsonantism

Head/line Improvisations

ear for

a node

a map to

tones still

a settle

rode a

sour voice


a fad

warn is


a typo

a foot

or nose

a rogue

i or

capo it

a name

no ego

frees it

to a file

        me a die

a chosen sine

a kine — I

age of ire

oar eye

ego                  I


a rule

a grace

a mere


I am a star

of me

a you



Poems were constructed from headlines of articles in Seattle Times 18 April 2014, A1 Print.

Note on composition and process:

These poems are an experiment with the Oulipean form of homoconsonantism, in which a text is transformed by allowing the vowels to shift and change, but the order of the consonants remains the same, hence  homo consonant, or the same consonants. Make sure to check out the Found Poetry Review blog for the official prompt and links to the other 80ish participating poets’ responses to this fun little puzzler.

My computer’s power chord literally blew up on me this morning, so I was left to use only my trusty notebook and my hard copy of the paper, which was probably a good thing for my time management. Thankfully, my years of WWF (Words with Friends) experience paid off. I decided to focus on the headlines of the first page in order to keep things simple. I jotted down the consonants in order, plugged the first few along with a,e,i,o,and u into an anagram generator app on my phone, and listed of the potential combos for the first word or two of the poem. Once I landed on a solid opening word, I actually found it fairly easy to fill in the rest of the poem. I thought these were fantastic little scats, with lots of room to pun. It was a lot of fun, and took about an hour to do all four poems, so I will likely pick this need little form up again.  

Unfortunately the free version of WordPress is designed as the bane of a poets’ existence, as the options for formatting text are biased toward the banality of the standard insipidity of prose blogging. I don’t feel like spending all day (nor do I have the time) drafting the html to better replicate the poems as they look in my notebook or my word processor, so unless WordPress bring back the paste from Word option, you’ll have to settle for inexact placement and spacing. Sorry.


4 thoughts on “Oulipost #18: Homoconsonantism

  1. I settle in with a cup of coffee to enjoy your process notes.

    Glad you had fun with this. I noticed the playing with slant rhyme and and tones. I wonder if we can start a campaign with WordPress.

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