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Oulipost #27: Irrational Sonnet

The Wild Side of Summer Movies
(3 Irrational Sonnets)

Analysts see big
shooters and police
at risk, including:


The case of a California
phone loaded with pictures
police fear losing an investigative
instinct, was searched by


holes in computer networks that
trace any guns found at
the restructuring of the Boeing
paperwork about who had the
engineers’ $100M a year


A firearms fixture
put the public
risks in loss.


some of them imprudent
contain personal info that
the Founding Fathers will meet
incriminated by his smart


hindering police efforts to trace
crime scenes, putting the public
savings seen at centers
keep electricity flowing, have become
a piece of Boeing’s broader push


Not knowing the where
of loyal, proven
hunters target shooter’s


selfie generation this week,
searched, no warrant, police
tool; others contend devices
when the Supreme Court dialed


big bucks in moving Boeing –
a major domestic-security concern
about who had the guns
hindering police efforts to trace
this is just an incredible number.


Poems were constructed from numerous articles in the  Seattle Times 27 April 2014. A1 Print Replica.

Note on composition and process:

These poems in the Oulipean form of irrational sonnets, or sonnets in which the stanza-lengths are influenced by the irrational number pi —  3 lines/1line/4lines/1line/5lines. Be sure to check out how other Ouliposters treated this quirky form on the Found Poetry Review blog.

For this exercise, I decided to amp up the irrationality by reflecting the stanza lengths in the line lengths as well. I scanned the front page of the paper for 2-word, 9-word, 16-word, and 25-word groupings that might work. Then I broke the groupings up into 1,3,4,and 5 word chunks and mixed and matched the sets. Not a bad outcome, despite my rushing to try and finish this exercise before the month’s end. I might come back and treat other pages of the paper in a similar fashion when I return to these next month, but for now, I must sprint on to finish with my fellow ouliposters.