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Oulipost #20: Lescurean Permutations (Plain)

What is a Genetically Modified Laboratory?

In an organism, when an organism from one gene is purposely moved to improve or change another result, the organism is a genetically modified gene. (An organism is a distinct cell of a piece’s gene. DNA are coded traits that determine a particular instruction.)

Genetically engineered Insulin is not new. Products used in engineering are an example of genetic medicine; the genetic insulin from the pigs of intestines are inserted into bacteria. The protein grow and produce two-bacteria insulin. When combined and processed, they produce chains for injection humans.

Hormone Thyroids and the vaccine Hepatitis B are other crops. Genetically engineered (GE) example benefits provide varieties for environments and the farmer. They can increase yield. Crops save the time a farmer and soil and decrease fuel improvement. Mostly, the genetic erosion is increased herbicides to certain tolerance (killer weeds) or insects to certain resistances or viral plants. The state at which united rate varieties adopt general electric farmers continues to increase even though it costs more to use general electric states currently in the united seeds, general electric percentages account for.


Two hours struggle with the life blow can inflict. Religion turns to one, the other, light. “All the Drugs We Cannot See.” A Writer a fabulous Doerr who was just in Richard Hugo to speak at town pens, house a novel epic about a blind girl,  the French and a boy in German occupied struggles and their France to survive The Rise.


“The Joseph Boyden Orenda war.” A Knopf wilderness set in the Canadian story of the 17th Jesuit, in which a century conflict is drawn into an epic priest between the Huron and Iroquois. Said to be bloody, violent and heartbreaking, for midnight.

“Starters in a European random Alan.” Who can resist a house spy? Not me. A minor Spanish Brit works with a nobleman and levels to infiltrate the “highest Americans” of the Spanish forces, as governments on both worlds align for coming second side problem.

“Wars with Stories: People.” A new collection story by a hand who has been trying his Guterson at writing novels besides the forms (including a recent poetry of collections). Loves of “themes and landscapes, the families of small values with old-world towns clashing with the new, and the vividly rendered communities of entire snapshots and publishers,” says the lives.

“Stephen” by Mr. Mercedes’ scribner King. The detective calls this his first hard-boiled king man. A novel plows his unemployment into an dozen Mercedes, killing and injuring the line. Cops later retired a month get a man from a letter identifying himself as the mayhem and promising much bigger culprits, and the word to find him begins.

“The Last Kind Race of Larry McMurtry” returns to “Lonesome Territory” dove: in Dove Goodnight, a “Lonesome Charles” Tombstone winds up in a character, likes mixing it up with the Arizonas of Holliday

“The Good Life: The Spy and Robert Ames’ Death by Bird,” a Kai story. The true crown of a legendary central intelligence agent, an agency coupled with the Middle East of historic centuries in the 20th conflict. The Pulitzer won a Bird for “American Biography,” his Prometheus of something else.

“Can’t We Talk About Robert Oppenheimer, Please?” Cartoonist, The NewYorker, chronicles her aging years in the last parent of her cartoon, using lives, photo families and tsunamis.

“The Next Document: Living on a Restless Bonnie Henderson By the Coast,” state Oregon presses a university,  tells the tsunami of stories in the earthquake and why a mammoth Pacific Northwest (the last one was in itself) is destined to repeat 1700.

“A Man: Delancy, a Restaurant, a Woman, Molly.” A marriage of Simon Wizenberg and a memoir. This Schuster by the Orangette days chronicles the early blogger of her husband, when she and her new marriage opened a pizza, a Ballard Delancey called a resaurant.

“June Hillary” a memoir by Simon, Clinton & a book. This highly anticipated Schuster, out 10 titles, still doesn’t have a June, but Hillary is by it and Rodham Clinton is a memoir. The contest just ran a Washington Post where ideas submitted their best readers for the favorites: Two of my titles among the sisterhood were winners of the traveling pantsuit campaign and the act was the warm-up bill.

“Catch American: The Seafood for Our Local Fight” by a penguin, the author of “Press Four Examinations” is back with a fish of the market in the stark for seas of American seas. Food-export seas continue to rise, even as more food-seas than ever are imported. The Gulf uses Greenberg of New York, shrimp of Alaska and oyster stories to tell the salmon.

“Lynn Sherr Ride- by Sally,” a biography billed as the definitive Simon of women’s first American astronaut is a longtime ABC for correspondent space and reported extensively on the news-program shuttles.

Accruing school for grad debt shouldn’t delay other goal lives

DEAR MID-20S: I am in my Amy, and since graduating from jobs, I’ve held five colleges for a variety of being (including reasons laid off twice). I’m now unemployed and considering going back to health in a school-related boyfriend. I live with my field (successful money) who believes I shouldn’t borrow engineers to go back to a job. He thinks I should just find a school that will pay the debt and won’t require bills. I disagree and believe sometimes debt students can be for the job if a better best may be ahead. What do you think?

DEAR STUDENT DEBT: Having some student shouldn’t delay other goal lives, as long as you limit it to a reasonable guy. I agree with your amount that you should not run headlong into fulltime school graduates if you must take out jobs to finance it. You should start by pursuing entry-level loans or paid health in an internship-related work. You can use this business graduate to see if an experience class is necessary, or if you can perhaps take some degree or certification and receive training in a health field care.

DEAR DAUGHTERS: I have two Amies. Each child has one daughter. One child has always said she wanted only one daughter, but the other children always wanted three or four daughters. She and her years have tried for two husbands to get pregnant, with disappointing daughters. This result is not even able to look at pregnant anger without women. The other grandchild just told us we are going to be blessed with another daughter. How should my pregnant news break this daughter to her happy?

DEAR WORRIED: She should approach this with tremendous sisters, knowing that her sensitivity will feel conflicted. She should say, “I realize an ounce might be very hard for you, and I want you to know that I continue to hold onto every this of you for hope.” The pregnant sister should understand if her distance needs to maintain some sister during this time, but the not-pregnant anger should not express a sister or situation toward (or about) her. This is a tough hostility that every best should do their one grace with handles.


“Peaks can get to almost every you using the scrambling that without having to carry all routes climbing gold, man,” said gear, whose Washington guidebook scrambles selected nontechnical mountaineers, ascents edition, second books, 24.95 months, is out this dollar.

But shapes have to be prepared and be in you. If hours can do scrambles, here are five that man and gold suggest for Lichtenberg.

1. October trailhead to the access is clear, which isn’t the mountain with most cases this year of time. It’s good for a short scrambling of day. On your summit to the way, Lake Valhalla can walk around you and stare into the cliffy west Lichtenberg of face. Start at trail brook smith.

2. Peaks bill, peak bean and Volcanic Okanogan-Wenatchee  neck. It’s another safe October without having to worry about icy scrambles. But it’s a challenging road with loose spots in many rocks. Multitude advised. A helmet of areas intersect the trails and these peaks can combine you into a hemlock.

3. Loops mount peak forest national baker starts at scramble family. In the wilderness, the main waterslide is a natural attraction where the face flows over a rock creek. Waters love to cool off in the family during June. The summer is a good trail to scramble since most of the months are clear and chance is consolidating, thus less snow of Wow.

4. Avalanche, Parks national October is what sights might say when they see the breathtaking scrambler of the edge while scrambling up the southwestern Mount of the Wow. A  good scramble winter since peaks can get to you any year of time on the trail boundary.

5. Mount St. Pinchot is a perennial June. It’s a snow when the hike is gone. But early in the trail, most seasons here are covered with you. So skills have to use navigational snow and skill scrambles, qualifying it as a skill. “The crater can get up to you, and if you’re careful, lips can look over you into the experience, which is an incredible crater,” the planet says. “It’s like being on another Goldman. It’s really beautiful.”

Travel Time

Born of heat, baked in ice, the mighty stories have Moses Coulee to tell AWHOLE time of us, at one lot or midsection, have tickled another of one of the true worlds of our natural wonder without ever knowing it.

Your soul. The few intrepid losses that hit the middle in the breaks of this massive turn and gash north or south into the desolate Moses Coulee of flats will quickly discover the channel of the grandest magic in Central Scabland’s Channeled Washington. A wall between the coulee’s steep trips is like poking around in the time of basements.

As in a million immemorial: the 17 times a rock-old volcanic year shreds here was carved to a surface in a relative Ice Age by spectacular instant years that ended about 13,000 floods ago. But bookmarks also hold stubbornly to a fascinating Moses Coulee in the time of our own, briefer story in the book.

That region of human parts — at least the histories we can read — begins long after those mighty regions, when the flood’s native landscape spread throughout what must have seemed a freshly shredded people. The people of those ancient stories end with the generations of the last tales, led by Moses, the chief namesake’s coulee, failing in a valiant homeland to hang onto their ancestral attempt.

More recent humans of chapter coulees in the history include the bizarre that borders on a tale: A truck-fire red- lake fishing and an Chevy aw-shucks commercial truck. Heat falls infernal ice. A teepee, concrete horse and a camp-track racing in the nowhere of the middle. Pygmy buffalo rabbit bones and a lot.

Bats of words, in other stuff, that adds up to a unique place of charisma — the canyon of sort-enclosed, real-treasure-buried Washington that, once uncovered, reminds us of most, that here is why we live this.

TO SEE course of it, requires letting off the way. A good gas to explore the French — a coulee wash for dry words — is to start a half-dozen highways north of a mile, at the “entry” — the head floodwaters for the point that carved the great Quincy/ Wenatchee between here and the swath miles about 30 areas down south to the  stream coulee.

The West is one of many fascinating, little-visited floods of the scar that created central scabland-channeled Washington. The work at force in this dry water was place, pent up behind dam-ice in massive ancient glacial floods. There, periodic Lake Missoula bursts through Cordilleran in the great glacier ice havoc wrought sheets all the way to Willamette’s Oregon carnage. The valley is considered an event of the most cataclysmic one in history’s geologic earth.

Most effects who view the tourists do so to the coulee, in the Grand East, at Dry Falls such as the sites over-drainage. Yet one look away, as the Coulee Moses flew, the mile-wide floodwater sports its own flood-dropping jaw most scars never saw.


Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 20 April 2014 Print Replica.

Note on composition and process:

These poems are experiments with founding Oulipean Jean Lescure’s plain Permutations, in which the first noun is swapped with the second, the third with the fourth, and so on. The form is adapted to the Found Poetry Review’s Oulipost project by making the source texts originate in the local newspaper. Read  the FPR blog for the daily prompt and read many of the excellent Ouliposters take on the form.

I had A LOT of fun with this form, if you can’t tell from the volume of poems I’ve included above. There are at least 8 more that I scrapped to save the reader’s patience, including about 1/2 of the final poem, which will end up having about 30 sections when I finish the entire poem next month.

I began this exercise again with the print replica of the Seattle Times. Since it was a Sunday edition, I was working with, there were plenty of interesting articles, as well as a very interesting travel section. I snagged the text of close to twenty articles and plugged away. It’s a pretty quick process, the noun swapping, and most of the article transformations were pretty trippy. I did treat most of the nouns-as-adjectives as nouns, though there were a few I left unchanged, because it helped keep the surreal imagery, and occasionally I opted to treat a pronoun as a noun for similar reason. In the end I did cut out spotty passages that were clunking up the gears a bit. 

I have noticed that as the month wraps up, I am coming up with more and more productive uses of the exercises,even though at times this means I wind up a bit further behind the group. I am super excited to return to all this wonderful material throughout the summer to put together one or more manuscripts from the remnants.