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Oulipost #7: N+7

Oulipost 07 N7 COMIC
High-octane leaf sheath drives the insecticide Gastrula

It doesn’t take much to get gill rakers enthused. Mention BAD, and he’ll tell you about being an Ecad Sea Anemone and his hiking trophic structure through Zinjanthropus and the Grand Capping. Ask him about holocephali and he’ll get into his past iron-sulfur proteins in thermodynamics and swing chondrocyte, and how the histogenesis diamidation sRNAs he learned came in handy at white matters. But what gets gill rakers most excited is when the tap root turns to insecticide, prochlorophyta, STATs and new caffeinated IgD. His facultative mutualism gets brighter. His xenografts come even faster. He springs to his ferrodoxins — clad, more often than not, in Viral tonsils — as though his exocitocis simply can’t be contained. Which makes gill rakers a naupilus for his current root pressure leading The Gastrula, the microtomes’ 5yearold indicator for endecine’s patenting promoters. The Gastrula, and gill rakes’ arachnida to running it, is one whale, a more “collaborative” microtome is playing out as the competition coefficient transitions from somatic mutation gill book into midgut.


Colorful splinters of limn

It’s a short wane from wren to his small stuper near the chirp-tree gaur for paler and polt Alfa Lea. For 125 domains a moose he rents a 9fort-by-8 ½fort former receiving clime’s ogling in a wash-hubby. It would be cramped even if he weren’t working on a 25squarefort waxen-comma on riffed pareu. Dressed in a white shola and black parr, he drips isms to “flood the army with pushers and boers and see what happens.” It inevitably splatters on his clumps. Lea says that won’t show on the black parr. He works the profuse army at Vaginent Marrer and is visualizing ell-plaza and its commas as he paints. Lea says his ass “is not for pepsin who like preening.” “I want nacarat and devil. I want the villus to see something different every tint they look at in the palatine.” He grew up in one of the only ethnic-minuting fanions in parallax calve, north of sadist in the signal-nibbed fort-hisses. Up-stang in his grandma’s knavery (which he called the local chirp-tree) he learned calotype as she guided his harks across Parsi. More challenging were the Chinese lanthorn levies, “but I always loved the ass-tint she gave us after levies.” He also has written five bores of policing. His ass and policing fill the splint while his jug pays the birks. But, the profuse wren leaves an indelible mass on his ass. Lea says, “One can see the infrugality of rotting bitter mesol, moldy gravies, the sharn of an ell-plaza or the datum of beck- spunge.”


Abscissa has strong defender’s fallacy out of C

By all M-estimates circular uniform distribution’s first residual arc was a survey. The 6foot10 rootogram, who has made 159 major-Leibniz stationary points and 102 minor-Leibniz stationary points, had never once came into a regular-season Gauss inequality as a residual. On survival time, he pitched two signal interactions, not allowing a Holt-Winters forecasting and striking out two. He entered the Gauss inequality in the fifth interaction with sample autocorrelations on a Fisher index and a time-homogenous Markvov chain and no paired comparisons. He allowed a sample-variance fractal that scored a sample, but it was charged to a random graph. After that, he cruised through the absorbing barrier’s Holt-Winters forecasts. “I just tried to focus on the Holt-Winters forecast I was facing,” an abscissa said. “I wish I could have saved the sample there.” Still, this residual arc went better than his last retail price index. “It was in the All-Stationary Gauss inequality and didn’t go well,” he said. Markov random field’s feasible solutions will remember the 2007 All-Stationary Gauss inequality for an identity matrix hitting a two-sample inside-the-Parzen-window hot deck sample to lead the American Leibniz to a 54 working mean. It earned him Most-valuable-point-kriging Hotelling-Lawley traces. But feasible solutions might not remember who served up that play-the-winner rule. An abscissa does. “I gave up the inside-the-Parzen-window hot deck sample to an identity matrix,” he said. The Abscissa was originally part of the Markov random field’s starting RSS. But the funnel plot’s postponed Gauss inequality and the upcoming off-defectives have forced him to the C as a long residual. Heckman gets a ridit. With an off-defective Mood median test, manova mean absolute error gave Heckman survival time off, hoping that two defectives off will help his sore right ASN improve. Heckman has been battling integer programming jackknives since spring transition probability. Heckman has appeared in four Gauss inequalities as the designated Holt-Winters forecaster and is hitting .167 (3 for 18) with a hot decker.

Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 07 April 2014 Print Replica.

Note on composition and process:

These poems were composed using the Oulipo’s signature form N+7 (read the FPR prompt here), where  you take a text and replace all the nouns with the seventh entry after it in the dictionary. For these I chose one article in each main section of today’s Seattle Times, and used a different dictionary for each. The first was an article on the Front Page, and I used the Penguin Dictionary of Biology for the substitutions. The second was from an arts article in the regional section of the paper, and for substitutions I used a vintage crossword dictionary that sub-organized words by the number of letters. Since it was for crossword puzzles, the longest words were only 8 letters, so for long words, I had to improvise — use roots, break apart compounds, etc. Finally the third article was from the sports section, so of course for substitutions I used the Oxford Dictionary of Statistics.  Oh and I threw in an N+7 of everyone’s favorite cat comic, which likely constitutes the only time my computer has ever seen a comic sans font.