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Oulipost #5: Tautograms


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I Is In I

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Monuments, Morning

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 Saturday Sale

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Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 05 April 2014 Print Replica.


Note on composition and process:

These poems are Tautograms made from today’s Seattle Times (see the Found Poetry Review prompt for the exercise here). A tautogram is a text in which each each word begins with the same letter. Since in the Lipogram experiment (Oulipost #2), I excluded the letters of the word “Times,” I thought it very Oulipean to bring the letters back (George Perec did this in his novel Les Revenentes, in which every word contains only the vowel ‘e,’ which of course his novel La disparition excludes). Using the print replica of today’s Seattle Times, I copied all the text (including most of the ads), pasted it into both Notepad then Word to strip the formatting, which I’m much more adept at thanks to yesterday’s format issues. I separated and assigned a letter from my seed word to the different sections of the paper Front Page/Nation/World (T), Business (I), Regional (M), Sports (E), and the Home insert (S). I then used the handy, Java-based Ouliposcripts (via fellow Ouliposter Douglas Luman) to pull out my tautographic lists.

In warmups last month, I did these by hand, so the wordpool was sort of disconnected (I made lists by parts of speech), and the process more MadLib-y. This time, I really liked how the Java script read the text so methodicallly. I really dug the kind of sonic map it made of the paper, so I kept the lists largely intact. I did make some excisions. For instance, I removed all the articles from “Times,” and I cut most of the stock market abbreviations in “I Is In I,” most of the repetitive sports player’s names from “Editor,” and many of the billion “Seattle” occurrences in “Saturday Sale.” I did do some more significant editing in “Monuments, Morning,” to make the poem something of an elegy, since today would have been my Mom’s 65th birthday, and I wanted something in all this to commemorate her. I thought that particular poem was fitting, given the references to the recent mudslides and the recurrence of the “Momuments Men” title from the movie listings, plus you know, M for Mom.

In all, I really love the language slippage in these, how many of the repeated words get potentially endless inflections of meaning, and how the shifted context shifts the parts of speech and function of most of the diction. they remind me a lot of both Dr. Seus’s Fox in Sox, as well as Gertrude Stein’s work in Tender Buttons and The Making of Americans, which are two of my all-time favorite books.


Oulipost Warmup #1

Queneau-300x300It’s just shy of two weeks until the constraint-fest begins. For those who missed my earlier post, I am participating in  Found Poetry Review‘s annual National Poetry Month project. This year the theme is to apply OuLiPo constraint-based exercises/forms to the local daily paper — The Seattle Times. Every day in April, I will be applying a new constraint to the content of that day’s paper in order to compose a poem from the text found in the paper. My personal goal, because I have masochistic tendencies, is to shoot for 3-4 poems for each exercise. Last August I participated in a similar project — composing and mailing a postcard poem per day. I walked away with nearly 60 poems total, and the bulk of a draft for a manuscript. Of course, it’s not advisable to jump into such endurance exercises without a hefty amount of practice and planning.

Here’s the first of a handful of practice exercises I’ll be sharing here in the lead up to April. It’s what the Oulipeans called a Tuatagram — a poem in which, primarily, each word begins with the same letter (In Greek, Tauto gramma means “same letter”). Since I wanted to see if I could compose a sequence from the form, I took the word “post” as a seed word to pull my letters (P-O-S-T) from. I then chose sections of the paper to associate with each letter: P= Front Page; O=Opinion; S=Sports; and T=Technology. In my handy notebook, I cataloged, according to parts of speech, the words of each section that began with the assigned seed letter. I then borrowed the syntax of the opening paragraphs of the lead article in each section to help shape the final pieces (basically, I made Mad Libs out of them and filled them in with words from my word lists).


(a Tautogram in 4 parts)

Planes of the Public

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Own One Opinion over Owned Options

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Spectacular Surprise Stirs Some for Something

Sunday Stuff

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Speaking to susceptible saints, as many as seven steady stars will

strain in the scoreless second-half.

Tuesday Tepidly Takes Time to Transform Those Tools

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