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Oulipost # 2: Lipogram (Newspaper Titles)

Two poems

Co. Fund

No food

fork for church

book buy off

your gov work

Of on or by now

down for you

A Local Flood

Local run off

Gulf  your

way back for

now no bank could

loan for a land

a hard fork road

no church

for all your work

Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 02 April 2014: A1. Print.


Note on composition and process:

Both poems are Lipograms of the front page of today’s Seattle Times (April 2. 2014). You can read the full prompt here. The first excludes all the letters from the full name of the paper ( Seattle Times — s,e,a,t,l,i,m). The second poem only excludes the letters t,i,m,e,s. I put the entire front page of today’s Times through a javascript app for lipograms created by fellow Ouliposter Doug Luman. I then weeded out the symbols, numbers, and excess redundancies. Working without e’s and i’s (and in the first a’s) is not an easy task.  I actually nearly finished textually compiling the A section of the paper, so maybe I’ll work out a short sequence from these when I have time.