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Oulipost #30: Patchwork Quilt

Rear visibility technology

An index of first lines


We don’t believe the claim has merit

No food

Local run of

a military reservation in central Texas

People in general determined or

the season of the year astronomically

an inanimate thing understood, previously

The persons who direct or assist the navigation


America’ ★★★½

the Sunday pre-

Sunday preprinted


Coffee Coffee

Transit cuts

Times time tossed thirty-one

Its in iPad is intuitive include

my mechanism moored my many more

extend estimated expression

shown steps special storage


authorities the signal had aboard

The heat to play and celebrate the Spring

Investigating three reports by ships



It doesn’t take much to get gill rakers enthused

It’s a short wane from wren to his small stuper

By all M-estimates circular uniform


A  Mariner is

All in : noon

B it it in

To to to – to to get

A a a & a


put robots to work

more updates and more

minister denied

encryption method

you want to return

robots to speed up


A to and

A in and

A in was


The week ends

Week End



& & GPS



Seattle’s newest breed of ride-service companies, determined

The wealthy family of a Texas teenager sentenced to

Our position is that we will not be issuing

news outlets in Britain lost no time in misapprehending


See: nine man

Is in on I

One ones money



Seeking a brother/bulldozer to lead  a dynamic

Damn Afghanistan im just tryin to get back

Infants sat in

It has been a hard-

numerous remains

a minor area covers

on a corner in a room is a common music

a rare cross-economic iron


Today’s devoted discussion that it will find



just do it,” says one.

Highway from mudslide

rescue workers peeled


jobs “go out to pile”

many events small

burn barrel distant

day doing dishes

some flooding, something

all-Oso Fire scene

You don’t think about

heavy equipment

it’s part of being

piles of mud the locals

flattened. born in tent

the slide finding “cars

the man usual

There is no normal

work is personal —

the floor at the fire



ear for a node

a fad warn is

capo it a name

ego                  I                     obey



One analyst dubbed 2014 “the year of the biblical movie.”

“We fully expect to lose it,” said Jaudon,

Republicans argue that Putin is on a rampage because

History goes that the “Lone Rock,” as it was once called,

Tricking the eye is key to decorating smaller.



In an organism, when an organism from one gene is

Two hours struggle with the life blow can inflict.

“The Joseph Boyden Orenda war.” A Knopf wilderness

DEAR MID-20S: I am in my Amy,

Peaks can get to almost every you

Born of heat, baked in ice,


“On weekends, I can make up ”

“God bless his tireless fight,” he said

He calls her “little shanty by the tracks.” “He had another


Egotistic indulgers assembled the spirit of Western tourists

An amateur techno character frequently hiding


Wash                     elephant              between                             his


She suspected when she walked

He proposed when another targeted

They warned when we announced

We celebrated where few holstered

They announced when we teetered

It found when we demonized

You seemed when he clarified


The CBO has a minor kerfuffle



The phoenix, flower-like, moves between zone and journey. A quality looking



Analysts see big

A firearms fixture

Not knowing the where


circumstances other-



in a twister that

Many players want

As in so many of these awful cases

Note on composition and process:

This poem is literally what the subtitle says, an inventory of first lines in order from every poem I posted as part of the Found Poetry Review’s Oulipost 2014 project.

Wow! I thought this month would be a somewhat productive period, but I didn’t realize how much writing I had done until I went back to do this indexical piece. My count may be a bit off, but a rough tally had me clocking in at  120 pieces! Granted some were more documents of experiments than finished pieces, and I was counting all segments as poems in sequence, but I did not expect so many nearly finished pieces and sequences. Plus I still have a wealth of untapped, formatted and sorted material to go back to. It looks like this summer I’ll be busy collecting and editing poems, going back to my material to flesh out a few sequences, and taking an exacto knife  and glue to the stack of 30 newspapers taking space in a corner of my bedroom.

Please keep tuned in. This week I intend to follow up on this project with an exit interview and a rundown on my favorite poems by other Ouliposters. And throughout May and June, I intend to give updates on how this material all comes together.