Oulipost #1: A Quote Cento

Two Poems
It Wasn’t Like It Was Dangerous

Rear visibility technology

certainly has implications

ultimately for whaling

the problem is the ignition turn

switch is poorly installed

that it is very difficult in some of the finds to make


It was like Godzilla going through the woods

special enrollment periods

would have been avoided had the flight crew followed

the technological barriers to

doing this have really disappeared

The only thing you can do is go after what you hear

I had no idea that they could really do all of this

in just one day


The Anti-Christ

We don’t believe the claim has merit

It was just a very loud boom

Mozart in the Jungle

All the other guys were looking for women

The way we mixed up the words

Why is everything backwards?

Running it is going to be a cakewalk after that

attention to what he believed was the coming apocalypse.


Poems were constructed from numerous articles in Seattle Times 01 April 2014: A-B. Print.


Note on composition and process:

Both poems are Quote Centos, in which each line of the poem is a found quote, reproduced in part or whole (see the project prompt here).

Poem A is composed soley from quotes in section A of today’s Seattle Times. The lines follow the pages successively through the section, such that line 1 is from A-1, line 2 from A-2. The title was chosen from one of the leftover quotes. Poem B follows the same pattern as A.

There was a wealth of material to be had (36 pages of quoted lines), such that I can imagine a sequence to come just from this exercise alone.



2 thoughts on “Oulipost #1: A Quote Cento

  1. I love how the Anti-Christ and cakewalk are used near each other … one of the joys of being handed our words by someone else! putting them together in such interesting, mixed-up ways!

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